If your website conversations are poor and you’re confident the traffic you are driving to it is qualified, the first thing to look at is your copy. Nothing kills a sale quicker than stuffy, boring, formal web-pages.

But before you go out and hire an expensive copywriter, stop a moment, and think. Because while persuasive copy on your web-page is important, it’s not worth a bean unless the people reading it like you and trust you.

Liking and trust is fundamental to selling anything. And the way to get people to like and trust you is to be open, sincere, and honest.

In short, simply by being yourself.

Practice writing as you speak. You don’t speak like a robot, so why should you write like one? Forget what they told you about being “professional” in your writing and write your web-pages as if you were having a chat, one to one, with a friend over a cup of tea.

Write the pages from “I” and address them to “you”. Sometimes you might have to use “we” and “us”, and that’s OK so long as the message itself is from YOU, and individual.

So here’s something you can do right away on any pages you feel are underperforming, go over them with a fine-tooth comb and make sure your personality is coming through and the pages really are building those all-important relationships.

Author: Neil4515675

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