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How To Double Your Online Sales and Profits

People who have a website often assume that to double their sales, they need to double the number of people coming to their website – THEY ARE WRONG. Here is an example: Traffic x Conversion Imagine you get 100 visitors per day to your website Convert 1% of them to buyers = 1 sale a […]

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How To Get Your Excel Data To Display Properly

Have you been frustrated trying to input “0-1” in Excel only to find it keeps converting it into a date format! How do you get it to show as “0-1” to show as this and not 01-Jan? Thankfully Excel has a TEXT function which is a lot more flexible than the Format Cells dialog box. […]

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How to use your most natural asset to boost conversions dramatically!
If your website conversations are poor and you’re confident the traffic you are driving to it is qualified, the first thing to look at is your copy. Nothing kills a sale quicker than stuffy, boring, formal web-pages. But before you go out and hire an expensive copywriter, stop a moment, and think. Because while persuasive [...]
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Adobe Photoshop Tips

Variable Fonts Fonts with Var next to them means it a variable font, you can now change the text through the Properties panel now Combine images with text There’s a really easy way to overlay an image on top of text. Drop an image layer over a type layer then hold down Alt and click […]

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Conditional Formatting in Excel

Conditional Formatting in Excel If you need to highlight data quickly, then applying Conditional Formatting is a great way to view data in an instance. In this example, you will create a series of conditional formats to change the appearance of data in worksheet cells displaying the package volume and delivery exception rates of a […]

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Tags: Excel Conditional Formatting Formula, Excel Conditional Formatting Row, Excel Conditional Formatting Based On Date, Excel Conditional Formatting Based On Text, Excel Conditional Formatting Based On Other Cell, Excel Conditional Formatting Blank Cell, Excel Conditional Formatting Not Working, Excel Conditional Formatting Row Based On Cell, Excel Conditional Formatting Multiple Conditions, Excel Conditional Formatting Color, Excel Conditional Formatting And, Excel Conditional Formatting Alternate Row, Excel Conditional Formatting Alignment, Excel Conditional Formatting Absolute Value, Excel Conditional Formatting And Or, Excel Conditional Formatting Arrows, Excel Conditional Formatting Applies To, Excel Conditional Formatting Apply To Entire Column, Excel Conditional Formatting Apply To Entire Row, Excel Conditional Formatting Based On Time, Excel Conditional Formatting Custom Formula, Excel Conditional Formatting Less Than Or Greater Than, Excel Conditional Formatting With Formula, Excel Conditional Formatting Yes No, Excel Conditional Formatting Hide Zeros, Excel Conditional Formatting Not Zero,
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Why The “Buy Now” Button is Bad

You have attracted the traffic to your website, you have gotten them to the call to action section. Now you want them to buy whatever it is you are selling. The obvious and most common way is to have a button or a link that merely says “Buy Now”! However, in many cases (and you […]

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